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Cat Room

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We board cats in spacious two-door cat cages in our devoted cat room. We have limited number of cages where each cat will be able to keep their privacy and space. The cat room is very cozy and comfortable with lots of cat toys and scratchers. Your cat will love the natural sunlight and cool breezes coming through the window. Our staff will play and cuddle with your cat freely in a safe, enclosed room.

• Cats boarding $25 per cage/night
Cat cage size (36″ X 23″ X 48″H)
Maximum of two cats per cage

• Current on vaccines: Rabies and FVRCCP
• All cats must be on a flea preventative program

Service includes
• We provide cat litter, scratcher, toys
• Play time in a safe, closed room with TPC staff
• Brushing










Other Small Pets

We are able to take care of other small animals and reptiles.
Please provide us with their cage/housing, bedding, dish, food, etc.

Please call for details









Other Services

We have experience in pet import/export!
If you are moving out of the states, we can help you with paperwork and requirements.

Please call for details